Monday, November 29, 2010

Advertisement - Employer

Dear Employer,

Are you tired of bureaucracy muddling up your lifestyle? Are you overwhelmed with your “comfortable” paycheck? Is your lack of “actual labor” in the workplace at all morally concerning? Does the employer above you do less “actual labor” make more money than you? Wouldn’t you rather leave in a digital society that encourages free exchange of goods and ideas in an anarchist yet socialist environment? Don’t worry, this aint some hippy commune, this is the Black Flag Nation!

As an Anarcho Socialist Digital Community, Black Flag Nation is completely separate from normal societal norms. Such norms include: going to elementary school, going to middle school, going to highschool, going to college, getting a job, starting “a life.” Although you can enjoy all these things and still be apart of our society, there are simply no rules!

We only have a few foundations that keep the society afloat:

Mutual Aid- By becoming part of this, you receive help from others and vow to help others as well. This is NOT a mandatory program.

Also, you can expect a few other things from Black Flag Nation:

Like Minded Youths, with aspirations for “Revolution”

Generally Peaceful lifestyle, nothing like this crazy dude above!

Generally peaceful (yet pessimistic) lifestyles, rather, like this!

Accepting communities, where you can get away with outfits like this!

A free commerce society in which a multitude of information or technologies are free at your disposal. Take this Design oriented font above, normally you would have to pay for it at a design firm, but why not download it for free in the Black Flag Free Commerce Market? Up to you, buddy!

Although it might begin small, we here at Black Flag Nation are ding just this. Jump out of your comfy upper employment chair and join us, before your building burns to the ground in the actual revolution! Thanks for listening

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