Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Motto and Political Structure

Explaining the name:

The black flag represents the absence of a flag, standing in opposition to the notion of nation-states. The all-black flag represents a negation of all structures of oppression as well as the idea that a ruler or arbitrary border can represent the totality of the individuals within that border or under that ruler. As a white flag is a traditionally used, universal symbol of surrender, a black flag stands as a symbol of defiance.


"Even pirates before they attack another ship hoist a black flag."


Our nation is based on a combination of individualist anarcho-capitalism/agorism, with elements of anarcho-collectivism. No one is forced to have to contribute the earnings they make from black market dealings to anyone else, but digital co-ops exist and creative commons is the agreed upon standard for sharing music, books, software and other intellectual property.

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