Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day In The Life 2

Tonight is the social. The event everyone looks forward to all day while working or at school. My favorite part of the social is the fact that it goes on all night long. Also, the fact that there is no wake up call the next morning so I can sleep in the next day. I love it. Usually people start heading to the social around ten o clocks. When you first get there foods laid out all over the tables and there’s and endless amount of it. We also have gallons of water and Gatorade. After a few hours at the social you are going to need to replenish those electrolytes. Around eleven o clock is when the party really starts. We bring in alcohol and turn of all the lights and only use lights that we have hanging from trees. The lights are all cool, bright, and colorful. Around eleven is also when the fist DJ starts performing. Because we are such a famously liked society we tend to get some big names come through to perform for us…for free I might add. Once the music starts everyone lets loose.  Every night is a different genre of music. Because its Saturday we have dub step tonight, pretty much a bunch of techno also. Once we all jump around and dance for a little the Gatorade is needed.  Around three o clock is when things really start going. The main DJ comes on and really gets everyone energized. During the social you don’t just have to dance. We have hotubs and other areas where people can just socialze and talk. I tend to dance though. The social pretty much ends when everyone leaves. After the social there is more food and Gatorade for everyone.  Everyone tends to just sit around and talk about how much fun they had and how their ears are muffled. I usually hang around till the end then go home and take a shower. When im home and done cleaning up I usually watch TV until I go to sleep. Its truly one of my favorite things to do. The fact that it happens everynight is awesome.

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