Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day in a Life

I wake up to a pretty nice day in Black Flag. I start my day off with submerging myself in some social networking. I log onto facebook to post on my friends walls, comment on some pictures, and instant message. After getting my fill of that I download some torrents from multiple websites and my roommates and I watch movies for most of the day. We decide it is time to make some dinner but do not know what to cook. So we google “delicious homemade recipes” to see what we can find. We decide to make homemade greenbean casserole. During dinner we talk amongst ourselves but we also are bbming (blackberry messenger) on our phones. After dinner I slip myself into my bed and read on my kindle for the next hour or so. Once I am done reading I stream videos through the internet and catch up on my weeds episodes, at the same time I slowly fall asleep.

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