Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What’s up Dr. Lathan? How’s the Florida weather? It’s great over here by the Mountain side. I had never seen mountains till I moved here. It’s really an amazing sight. It looks like the mountains in my Sundholm photo except the grass is green instead of brown and the mountains are huge. I’m writing to you so you can have a chance to experience what I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of; Black Flag Nation. Let me start by saying we are located in Europe so it would require you to move but the opportunities for you would be endless once settled in your new home. At Black Flag Nation we are a completely free digital society, it’s great. Everyone here has their own time schedule and agenda but share a common urge to help learn as much as possible and positively change the world. Everyone here is a free thinker and socializes with eachother to learn, like my “Squeeze The Ideas” picture. It’s also kind of like my Bart Simpson picture that reads “I Will Use Google Before Asking Dumb Questions” all over the chalk board. Only people that want to learn and interested in self knowledge are able to become members, people such as you. There are millions of reasons why you should come here. I already stated that we all have our own schedules, I can’t begin to describe how much better my healthy has gotten because of it. There is also the whole “saving the world” thing.  We all are here for the main purpose to make a positive change while we can. Most people here think outside the box so there is always room for learning when socializing. People here are able to see things most can’t, like my “graffiti staircase” picture, we’re special. We need to use that to our advantage. You’ll be having new ideas, words, and thoughts in your head once you have a chance to live the way we are, similar to my “words” poster.  It’s not all learning either. We like to have fun too. Every night we have socials and you’d be surprised by the number of citizens there are.  At the social we have alcohol, music and a hotub….uh oh haha. The social goes on until there is no one left, but most people goto sleep at a reasonable hour because they have individual duties the next day. The thing with being a free society  is everyone is pretty much able to do what they want, when they want. So now I ask you Dr. Lathan, will you come? I now you remember my “success and failure” picture. This is your fork in the road. You could be aprt of a huge success or stay in the society that’s a huge failure. Do you want to go left or right? I have the idea that you have good judgment and can make the decision. Hope I see you soon.


  1. I like how you describe how the people in our society think and interact with each other. You make it sound like a paradise that one never wants to leave. If I were an unbiased person you would make me want to come check out Blackflag.

  2. I like that the letter was conversational and you related yourself and your likes/the likes of Black Flag, to what the professor would like. It was easy to read and made me want to find out more about Black Flag. And I agree with Jessica, you make it sound great!