Monday, November 22, 2010


The Black Flag Nation was needed as far as I’m concerned. Before the Black Flag Nation I was stuck with the normal digital society that I hated. I have completely lost faith in our digital society thus why I moved to Black Flag Nation. Our society is founded on several principles, one of which being mutual aid. While we don’t want to endorse a policy where people are dying in the streets from hunger, we also wouldn’t want to endorse one where people are forced to give through the nose to everyone else, and have no incentives to make themselves better. We tried to create the “perfect society” that upholds freedom to the maximum extent. We have a policy in Black Flag, three strikes and you’re out. We do not have institutionalized capital punishment, because that is an egregious assault on individual rights and, as human animals, we are all prone to mistakes. As for religion we do not believe in organized religion. We feel to each their own so whatever your beliefs are, you have to right to preach them. We uphold different standards of digital information. I’ve heard countless stories of people who are victims of identity theft because they have their information taken from the computer. Whether it be credit card information or information on someone’s name and address. I’m sick of it. At Black Flag Nation we don’t worry about any of that because if someone would to proceed in such acts they be kicked out. We also uphold different standards of digital commerce. There is no such thing as online banking; everyone just keeps their money in the safety of their home. No one in our society is going to break into your house and rob you blind. I could not even begin how many times I have overdrawn m account because my bank will have transactions pending for a week or so. Then they have the audacity to charge me 35 dollars because I spent money I “technically” did not have. And when it comes to things that your suppose to do on a daily routine, like school, you choose when you want to do them. And when you actually do go to school everything is done in the classroom. School is never on online servers like Blackboard, we feel like all work and feedback is to be done inside the classroom, not through e-mails and just posting grades. This Black Flag Nation plans on creating a society “off-the-grid” so to speak, in which a society can flourish with a socialist and anarchist approach. This means, little rules, equality for all work, and an encouragement of free knowledge and – most importantly – free ideas. All in all I definitely like it here more than where I used to live. Its calmer and simple to adjust. I suggest you come check it out.

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