Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day In The Life

A day in the life of a Black Flag Nation citizen is very pleasant. For starters I wake up whenever I want too.  Some may say that’s lazy but I can’t begin to tell you how much better my health has gotten since I started this routine. Today being a Monday I have regular weekly routine as anybody else would my age. I wake up, go to school, and then do my individual chores. Only in the Black Flag Nation there’s no such thing as a ‘dreaded Monday’, it could be Saturday for all I know. And although I go to school and have daily routines such as work, school, and chores I get to choose when to do it just as long as it’s done by the next day. Sometimes people slip behind but most people here are understanding and will let it go once in awhile.  When I go to school its nothing like school used to be for me. Here it is more about free thinking. We discuss philosophical questions and are focused more on being self taught rather then told what we should learn. We tend to study and ask questions in groups and unlike most schools, kids are allowed to help other students and everyone is allowed to talk to one another. Most schools would find this to be a nuisance because of the noise, but, because this is a digital society all our students talk to each other on online chats. This is very handy when it comes time for studying or when a student has a problem or doesn’t understand something. The same goes for test taking and attendance, everything is done digitally. After school I usually have work. Work isn’t the same as the outsiders work though. I don’t get paid to work But, I do get to live here at Black Flag Nation. That’s right; as long as you participate daily you are allowed to stay here. For work I am given a list of chores that are needed to be completed by the end of the day. It’s up to me to choose when I do them as long as their done by the end of the day. Certain tasks take longer than a day and for those tasks you are given a decent amount of time to complete them. Everybody gets a task that goes according to their job title. We decide who has what job by the prior knowledge and experience one has gained before they came to Black Flag Nation. Once my daily chores have been completed I have the option to go to the nightly social or I can go back to my place and call it a night. The nightly social is a club/bar that most kids my age go to at night to meet each other and have fun. Once the social is over though then it’s definitely time for bed. Our living arrangements are 3 people per roof and we each have our own bathroom. Talk about awesome. I love it here and wouldn’t move for anything.

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