Monday, November 22, 2010

Letter to a Young EWM Major

Letter to a Young EWM Major

Submitted by Katherine

Hello there!

If you’re like me, you made the tragic mistake of going to college and majoring in English. Of course, that’s the only way one could really get ahead nowadays, so we’ll just have to suck it up. I started as a Philosophy major, then switched to Literature, and then to EWM. Whatever your feelings are on the major, you may very well be sick and tired of deadlines, responsibilities and being told what to do. Who wouldn’t?

I wrote this letter to try and tell you about a fun new alternative, Black Flag, a digital nation that I co-founded. Why is Black Flag better? Well, I wouldn’t want to tell you how to think or what kind of nation to be a part of- that would be ethically presumptuous. What I can say, is that if you’re in need of a place where you can be yourself, follow your own rules and not anyone elses – no matter if they were written in an ancient holy book or on a scroll and signed at the bottom, you'll find a place in Black Flag.

Below is our list of policies, i.e – Stuff we stand by.

Creative Commons- The usefulness of this venture is two-fold. First, it allows individuals to share their creative and non-creative content for others to add or substract to, but also, it allows for individuals to register their information in the public domain, free of charge and without having to pay royalties or submit to an umbrella organization.

Free Association- Individuals may come and go as they please, and share the same way.

· Mutual Aid- By becoming part of this, you receive help from others and vow to help others as well. This is NOT a mandatory program.

Ostracism – We do not believe in capital punishment, instead, we have a three strike rule and after three strikes, you are ostracized/expelled from Black Flag.

Agorism – A fancy word for voluntary interaction and exchanges.

Black Market Trade- With no corporations, everyone is free to compete with everyone and expect no subsidies. We also have no fiat money system, rendering the concept of inflation obsolete.

In addition, here are six things you will enjoy as a member:

No one asking you this, because we honestly couldn't care less.

Orderly lawns.

Nice architecture

Access to hilarious memes.

Cool conceptual art like this.

Nice graffiti murals. And anyone can make them, or destroy them for that matter, so make sure you take pictures.

The one reason to join Black Flag? We’re unlike any other.

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  1. I love how you listed our multiple virtues, mutual aid and creative commons, as a way to persuade an EWM student to come join our nation. You did just hit the main points which i feel like is a good strategy. It acquires interest with the reader and draws them in making them want to know more.