Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear FSU Student,
I know that you are a student in school as I am too. Do you feel stressed out a lot being a normal student, cause I do. I dread having to wake up early in the morning and drag my low energized body into class, where most of the time I sit like a zombie and zone the teacher out. I hate having to worry about how many absences I have because most teachers penalize you if you have too many. And sometimes I wish that I could just change the time of some of my classes because them being at the same time every day interferes with other things I could be doing. If you dislike all of these things too then you should come check out this digital society that I am a co-founder of. It is called Blackflag Nation and we are considered a socialist and anarchist society. We do not believe in telling you what to do and when you have to do it. You create your own daily routine and do your tasks at the time you please. You can go to school any day of the week and at any time you feel like going. As long as you get the work that needs to be done then absences do not apply. And when I talk about work I don’t mean stressing yourself out over papers with pointless topics, and pulling all nighters studying for a test. Our work is just attending meetings and discussing the topics you enjoy the most. Each person takes turns talking at the meetings so they can speak their own mind; so having a speech prepared is usually a given. And sometimes you will be given exercises just to help you expand your knowledge. You interact with other people who have your same interests and gain knowledge from one another. There of course is a “teacher” who knows almost everything you need to know about a specific subject. So if you have any specific questions you can always confide in the teacher. There are no online servers like blackboard because we feel like all work should be handed in to an actual person. The “teacher” should give you feedback in person to motivate you to do better. Schooling isn’t the only thing that we have different standards for. A few other things include having little rules, free ideas, and we encourage you to publically express your opinions. Everyone is trustworthy, because no one would have the desire to inflict any harm on you. You would really love being a member of our society and encourage you to come check us out.

Here are some things you get to enjoy being a Blackflag member. ..

Are zebras are black with white strips or white with black strips? Here in Blackflag we don’t care.

Time doesn’t matter because you a free to do what you want, when you want.

We encourage you to dream big, your dreams are easily turned into a reality with the right amount of effort and motivation.

Our nation is somewhere “offgrid” in the eastern European mountains so you get to enjoy scenery like this.

We have no capital punishment we follow the three strike rule and your out. But don’t worry most of our members don’t even get to strict one.

We encourage social interaction so just get out there and mingle with others. No one in our nation is going to judge you on looks, ideas, opinions, material possessions, or what your “worth.”

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  1. Great letter, I love the pictures - particularly the zebra picture, along with the mention of relativism and how that ties into the beliefs of Black Flag, and the inclusion of Dali's The Persistence of Memory. Dali is pretty great, and he's well liked by a lot of people, so including him would most likely interest a majority of the student population.