Monday, November 22, 2010



David J. Dodd - Dj - djd09c

1. Morning: Wake up at a reasonable hour. Most individuals might be tired from late nights of intellectual discussion, open-minded dialogue, and peer2peer music exchanges. Most bands traded would be heavily influenced by counter-culture revolutions of years past.

2. Mid-day: Contribute to the digital organic garden and co-op. Although the society is a digital anarchist network, there is a safe-haven hidden in an isolated, yet digitally connected, location where participants of the society can gather and live in a self-sustaining society.

3. Afternoon: Because the nature of an anarchist society is based on abolishing the state, the majority of a digital members afternoon might be spent trying to overthrow the current system, or simply work against the standards already in place. That is to say that illegal peer2peer operations may occur, as well as exposing of information and literature that might be copyright protected, simply in response to the fact that they part of the established system. The later half of the afternoon may involve covering their digital footprints after making such actions.

4. Evening time: Exchange healthy, pro-local and co-op style food recipes with an emphasis on simple natural and anti-mass consumerist food shops. Supporting outlets like “Walmart” is not encouraged. In fact, it is outright forbidden. Props are awarded to individuals who pilfer from these establishments.

5. Night: Get ready for bed, begin idea exchanges on virtual forums. Fall asleep to some ambient random band no one knows about.

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